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Swimming with the TYR Tracer goggles


TYR Tracer review


Now I know this is totally unrelated to illustration... but I thought I'd share something different.

It's the summer holidays, and our heads are on all manner of things, like icecream and weekend barbeques... not work stuff. Really! So I thought I'd share a review I did on Amaon this morning, when I thought I had time, and then "What! Okay, I've written quite a bit for what was suppose to be a product review... I must admit, I love swimming, and perhaps that's the reason for the lengthy review, but now I've written it, you might a s well read it... lol. Happy summer holiday."

TYR tracer review This is going to be an honest and detailed review of the TYR Tracer swimming goggles.

Firstly I've been a keen swimmer for over ten years, typically swimming between 3-6 times a week. So I think I can give a good account of use as a swimmer.
The most important thing to consider when buying swimming goggles is fit, and some goggles fit some people. An unforgiving truth, that you have to try on to see if it fits, and even then a simple press on face to see if the goggles stick/suck on your face isn't 100%. (Recommend trying / swimming with someone else if you can)

Normally a swimmer will have to buy a pair of goggles and see if they fit/leak... this can be an expensive exercise, and down to luck more than anything. So after many years buying and trying, I'm currently wearing the TYR tracer... a pair that attracted me because they looked similar to the Adidas goggles I'd used for a number of years, which were the best fit ever (for me) but the model ended production, and I needed a replacement.... so by chance, I found the TYR Tracer, which in fact are better than the old pair of adidas... Result !

Review time... Okay I love these, why... because they're sleek looking without being showy, they have a split (2) strap that's very easy to adjust, and stay adjusted. The fit is perfect for me, and I honestly have swam for over an hour without taking them off, with very little fog.... all goggles will fog.
(Tip here, that I share with other swimmers... Put the goggles on your head when you're changing into your swim kit... this allows the goggle to warm up to your body temp, and avoid the condensation effect when you get into the water ).
I've never had a nose piece break or un-clip... and I think this might come down to how tight the goggles are strapped on. Out of all the goggles I've worn over the years, I wear these the lightest... you don't need tight, just a good fit to avoid leaking. Often I think this is the reason goggles leak.

If there's a fault, it's one that I've only had once in about 9 pairs, and I know another swimmer to have it too... And that's the small ring like clip that holds-tight the strap next to the goggle lens. (See my photo closeup) It pinches the strap together to hold it in place. One has fallen off / broke, either way it's gone missing causing an issues with the soft silicon gasket that fits to your face. Especially when packing the goggles away, they can stretch over the gasket and deform it, making the goggle leak all the time. This is because the gasket has folded back on itself, and no longer sits flat on your skin. The silicon deforms and stays like it... a trick is to place a peg or some pressure on the gasket and leave over night. It does work, and will mould the gasket back into a position that will even out with use.

Tip: is to always make sure you store them in a soft bag or case, and that the strap is always placed to avoid it touching and pushing against the silicon gasket. Normally I replace them when I find them dull with vision and haven’t had to replace due to braking but more to a build up of something... I like to think is minerals of some kind.
Depending on how often you use them, I found that time itself has an effect… for instance I was swimming a lot a few years back, and probably had about 150 swims over a 7 month period before replacing them. Then another time, I’ve replaced after about 50 swims over 4 months.
I always rinse them in clean tap water after each swim, and pack in a soft mesh goggle bag, and never touch the inside of the goggle lens. If they’ve steamed up a little, I simply dip them in the pool water to clear them.

The colour range is good, but limited in the UK, there seams to be a lot more options available in the US, but that’s trickled down over the last 3 years I’ve been wearing TYR Tracers.

Note, there is a “Junior” version that’s designed for children that my son’s use, and has worked well for them. I did try them on, but found them too small, and they’re clearly for kids or small faces. I know that they come with 3 or so different nose bridges to fit your face, and are very easy to fit.

All in all, they’re the best goggles I’ve ever used, and intend to keep using them. I hope TYR never stop making them. And as for improvements… perhaps the different strap attachment seen on the TYR Tracer X works better… I might try them.

I hope you’ve found my review helpful, and please remember, Fit is the most important thing.


Swimming goggle review

Thanks for reading this, and I'd love to hear your experience with goggles.

If you're the sort of person who occatinally commissions illustration or animation, please connect up with me, and hopefully we can work together in the future.

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Author: Adrian Cartwright illustrator.

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