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Working on the new website 4.2 revision.

After taking four workshops earlier this year, I finally feel confident to improve my new website to version 4.2. Now I know the new website was launch back in October, and has done a utterly brilliant job to move from a devastated existing site thanks to google’s Panda, to a new URL (web address for the lesser geeks out there) site that’s optimised following google’s ever evolving guild lines.
Planet illustration website version 4.0, was quickly updated to 4.1 at Christmas 2013 to produce a more aesthetic site with a slight cost of user accessibility.
Version 4.2 is currently under development utilising what I’ve leant from the workshops.
Key areas are having a better blog, with more engaging content, easier said than done I hear you say, but I’m sure with some practice, I’ll get better. I learnt that writhing blogs is more about a personal perspective, and past blogs on the planet website have been more of a news letter in subject and delivery. So a news letter is also planned.
Building a website is much like other things in life, where you plan and build the foundations first.
This provides a stable grounding for the job in hand. But now I’m adding extras that need some careful consideration…. I guess I’m building a conservatory and adding Cable Telephone and a sat dish, if that’s a good analogy ?

Anyway all hands to the pumps, as always, it’s taking longer than planned…. wish me luck!

PS Dreamweaver is King at building websites…. the responsive design is so cool. Author: Adrian Cartwright Next blog...

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