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Freelance illustrator Adrian Cartwright's company blog 003 / Adrian Cartwright April 2014

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Summer is on it's way!

Find out how to avoid the impending mistakes made every year on that special sunny day.

Here I am waiting for that special weekend.
You know the one, where the following day there’s a haze following the mass burning of food in people’s gardens.
It’s normally about 17c. Warm is probably a better description than “phew it’s guna be a hot one”. Which takes me back to the days back when “Phew what a Scorcha” was plastered across the tabloids.

Petrol stations will suddenly be the only place to get charcoal, and usually the rubbish sand briquettes. And there’s always a fool filling a jerry can up, for you know what….

Paddling pools with sub zero water, that’s just a bit chilly… so deserve a few kettles of boiling water, well until you nearly slip on the spilt water in the kitchen from carrying back n forth.
Then you open the barbecue and find what looks like a fury sausage, but you can’t be sure the cat hasn’t been in there. Either way you’ll convince yourself that the charred cladding on the grill is all part of the flavouring process, well until you’re told to go to the supermarket and get one of those wire grill scrubber things… and while you’re there, get some…. and the list appears.
Now the hunter gatherer gene starts to kick in, and you take the mission. Anything is better than trying to convince the kids the water’s nice n warm in the pool. You have to, after all, it took you 45 minutes risking a visit to A&E for slipping on a wet floor while holding boiling water.
Back to mission impossible… the supermarket is filling fast, or should I say emptying fast. Time to park, and you see a space, only to find the worlds shortest car but next to it, is an old boy just getting into a car. You wait, and so do the other 6 cars behind you… com on Albert….that’s it…. seatbelt on…… hat off……. close your door…. finally the car hunches as the hand break it released !
After performing one of the safest reversing procedure ever. Believe me this guy could drive the Space Shuttle through the woods. You park and If you’re wonder what that humming is as you walk away from the car, it’s just the radiator fan… we don’t hear it a lot in the UK.
Supermarkets have a strange atmosphere on days like this… it’s normally very chilled out and nice n cool, thanks to all those freezers keeping the food fresh and helping you shop faster so I’m told.
I normally get most of the things on the list, and usually some other random spontaneous items that I think will be fun. These can range massively… from a flower thing that fits onto the end of your hosepipe and swings about to hard liquor for cocktails. All with the best of intentions, but usually get a negative response when I finally get home.

I must admit, it’s a kinda excited optimistic trance we have in the UK, and wonder if other countries experience it too. I guess 7 months of winter is enough for any people to go a bit silly when it looks like summer is here…

I know it’s coming, and I’ll prepare for it…this year, honest! Author: Adrian Cartwright Next blog...

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