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Freelance illustrator Adrian Cartwright's company blog 004 / Adrian Cartwright April 2014

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Powerful movie "Look Up", did we really need this to notice what's happening to us?.

On the first day of my new_er website goes online, I get a google+ post from a great Guy Liam Lally.
Now I normally give online videos a 50/50 possibility of clicking, and thankfully I did click this one…. I hope you watch it and feel the same.

Read my thought after watching the movie…
We all know it’s true, and have done for a few years now, and I hope this movie “Look Up” makes a change with you, and we can make our lives richer and more personal.
I kinda 2nd guessed what it was about, but didn't expect the emotion and realisation what smart devices are doing to us.
I work on a computer, and I have an iPhone and iPad too. I'm on twitter, but to be honest tweet little, and I facebook even less. But I find myself on eBay browsing and Pinterest Pinning a lot. I guess there's a time to do it, and not to be obsessive is key.
I remember my parents and grandparents perhaps facing a similar social cul-de-sac when I was a child. I guess that the TV kept kids inside, not in the parks and I see it in my 4 year old son, when watching TV, he’s transfixed. He is simply in another world, not mine!

I guess the media is sort of the same, looking at a screen alone, but now it’s mobile… not just allowing ourselves to shut off in the living room, but now anywhere, well so long as we have “signal”… Perhaps this honeymoon period will simply go out of fashion, but as in the movie, “ Our kids think this is normal “ is a worrying thought.

I’ve tones more to say about this subject, but there’s only enough space on the internet… he he !

PS I liked the clip in the movie where girl and friends are on a cliff, taking a photo of the scenery, only to pan back to her alone… that worked really well.

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