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Apple Customer Service shine through again!

A short account about Apple’s customer service.

We all buy products and some disappoint and others excel our expectations… this is about one product that did both.

Along with my new iMac I bought an extended keyboard which worked fine for a few months but then occasionally iMac wouldn’t recognise it was plugged in when I switch on iMac. I put it down to a slight glitch.

At the time I simply thought it was a physical connection, and re-plugging it seemed to do the trick. But after about 6 mouths it started to become more and more frequent. And more difficult to get it to recognise the keyboard.
It’s been 16 months since I bought it when it simply stopped working without any success… I tried all sorts of way to get it to work, and finally excepted that it was kaput when it didn’t work on another computer.

A friend recommend that I contact Apple customer support, pointing out that although the warranty had expired 4 months earlier, they were obliged to replace the keyboard as the fault started before the 12 month warranty expired.
I was sceptical at first, but the Apple customer support advisor was very polite and explained what I needed to do. She simply asked for my name and what I’d bought 16 months ago, and that was about it. She confirmed who I was and gave me a reference number. Then passed me onto another person who explained that I could go to a local Apple re-seller shop and exchange it, but pointed out that the shop might charge me to repair or exchange the troublesome keyboard. He said that if I gave the shop my support reference number, they could check confirm this on their Apple system, and reclaim the cost from Apple. He also said that if I had any difficulty, to call Apple support back.

The local Apple re-seller did try to sell another keyboard and said that I could have a replacement in 3 weeks ! I can only suspect that the independent shop wasn’t going to give me a key board until they’d been paid by Apple.
As a freelance illustrator working on a iMac every day, a 3 week delay wasn’t acceptable. I could either buy another keyboard or follow the Apple Customer support advice... so I called Apple back.

I spoke to another guy, who was very interested in this issue and arranged a replacement keyboard which arrived the following morning. Result !
All I had to do was place my old keyboard in the postage box that was supplied with the Brand new keyboard and take it to a post office for secure postage receipt.

I’m so impressed with Apple Customer support and mostly how quickly they replace the faulty keyboard. As for my local Apple re-seller. I might just go direct to Apple next time.
Author: Adrian Cartwright

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