Freelance illustrator moves to new studio at Friar Gate Studios.

Office move !

Planet illustration studio company blog 011 / move to new Studio at Friar Gate Studios Derby.

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After a long wait, planet illustration is now in it's new office / studio

13th May 2015

Moved into new office / studio
Although this is a quite a late update regarding the move into the new office / studio. I felt it had to be blogged.

Planet moved into the very prestigious front facing office at the beginning of March at Friar Gate Studios in Derby's Cathedral Quarter. The move went well, perhaps considering that the move was across a corridor that was about 1 metre away door to door. Possibly the shortest distance office move in history? Please someone enlighten me if there's a shorter one...?

There's plenty of space here for planet to expand and accommodate staff, freelancers whom might work in-house on projects and work experience students and mentee's. With a great hub of creatives here's it's a great place to work for an illustrator.

With a wonderful view of Friar Gate Square across the road, and some entertaining moments from confused drivers, the studio has a great aspect with more than enough light, and a top notch Air-con system to keep creativity on a constant flow.

I think Planet has a great new studio and we look forward to some brilliant times here at Friar Gate Studios.
Author: Adrian Cartwright

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