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Planet's first video blog and introduction to the illustration studio.

Planet illustration studio company blog 014 / Planet's first Vlog, and how we did it.

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Read about how planet illustration's studio became the scene for it's first video blog.

9th June 2015

How to make your first video blog, This is how we did it.
Well this was the question I found typing into google Friday morning. I must admit I didn't get chance to read much on it, and looking back it's probably a good thing.
The reason is that there's all sorts of ideas and guides out there, but in all honesty, if you've got someone and in my case a professional film and video chap Matt Edwards from FilmEditGo to help me. It's probably better to keep my nose out and let the professionals get on the the job... "Don't tell Granny how to suck eggs".

I learnt a fair bit that might help you if you're thinking of doing your own video blog. I'm no expert in anyway when it comes to blogging let alone Video blogging, but that's the point. I think people are more accepting of a simple and "I made this" feel, especially for personal video blogs where a polished pin perfect video could look too finished and corporate. Many followers seem to be more focused on genuine, honest and to a certain extent non commercial posts, where REAL people post something of real value for FREE rather than a paid actor or employee saying what ever the backer dictates. FilmEditGo, captured this perfectly, by throwing away my notes and saying simply "just talk". The image is clean and sharp thanks to Matt Edwards knowledge in filming, and proper use of the professional equipment, keeping the video simple and clever use of some editing to add a little drama. I could have filmed it myself, but I've been saying that for a year now, and I'm sure I'd have taken 10 times longer to do it, and probably over edited it, losing the fresh and genuine feel. As I was representing my business and wanting a professional but friendly feel, the quality video image resolution and lighting was appropriate.

The biggest thing I learnt was to relax and not to think too much about it, "just talk"... we didn't take lots of takes saying the same thing, and only repeated myself once at the beginning when I simply didn't Upbeat myself (cheery positive persona) and I guess that was due to nerves... and another time when my hand hit the mic.
I must admit I was very nervous at first, but looking back, I really enjoyed it and can't wait to do the next one next month, so please follow us on social media at the bottom of this page for updates.

Lighting... that's the most important thing oh and sound too I understand. If I was to do my own filming a microphone would probably be my first expense regarding kit. What Matt steered me to, and something being a control freak kinda left me feeling a little panicked but so totally worked. Was simply left the film rolling as it were, and ask me to talk to him. Oh yes, don't look at the camera, I thought that was only in films, but what we produced was a personal informal yet professional image that felt natural and genuine. Something a script although hitting all the important points, but would look more sales like and well... polished and edited. Matt did edit it, but only to relieve the view from looking at my face for too long and visually boring them to back click. It added some dynamics to the video that gave some impact on the subjects I was talking about, and as the saying goes a picture paints a thousand words, by panning across my studio giving sneak glimpses of past work, hardware and software I use. We kept the background simple and I dressed conservatively. Looking back at my first video, I would try to exaggerate my actions more, and smile a bit more, but that's subjective and down to me being self conscious.
The Editing was simple, just showing my company logo at the start and end, and the breaks from me now and then showing my illustration studio.
I can't say thanks enough to Matt at FillmEditGo, who've helped out so much and getting some gravity behind my idea. Matt was really easy going, and made me feel very relaxed and confident that he'd do a great job, which he did completely.

All in all, your first Video blog is a daunting thing, but it doesn't need to be, if you keep it short 2-3 minutes max and don't try to say everything you possibly could, there'll be more opportunities to video more about you or your topic.

Follow my blogs to learn more about my journey and contact me as I'd love to hear about your experiences. until next Vlog.
Now for YouTube and uploading...

Author: Adrian Cartwright illustrator

PS, Let me know how you get on, I’d love to hear and learn from you. Contact

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