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18th June 2015

Portfolio illustration 01.

Hello the first of many illustrations I’m going to post about each week is a digital illustration for a company in the west midlands.

This illustration receives quite a lot of attention from customers when first contacting planet about an illustration commission. It’s technical, but in a easy going graphical way, something that apeals to many.
Essentially the client wanted to showcase the different areas or environments where their services operate.
Giving that they covered a large area of services especially in the more engineering area of commercial properties. It seemed logical to show them in a simplistic style, highlighting the different areas.

So Planet suggested creating a compressed environment where the landscape covered all the different environments, connecting them in a clear and logical way.

The illustration was first scamped out with pencil sketches and once the client had given feedback on the suggested composition and we ironed out some questions regarding suitable iconic items that best demonstrated each area, we were good to go.

Using SketchUp with the obvious choice and we quickly built the model. The benefit of using a 3d model is that like vector illustrations, they’re easier to customise or duplicate while keeping good perspective. We also have the added advantage to experiment with perspective and composition (shape) of the illustration.

10 years ago Planet did a similar illustration for Rolls Royce plc, but that was created and built as a 2d image in Adobe illustrator. This method involved a lot more consideration when constructing the composition and the perspective.
Planet will feature that illustration in a future blog post, but here’s a link to it in our folio page. RollsRoycepPlc

Style of illustration is a very important consideration. Line work if light can give some clarity without overpowering the scene. The use of shadows and line can give depth and life to an illustration, but only if it’s used wisely.

For more samples of illustration, visit my website and browse the folio where you’ll find different styles and techniques.

Author: Adrian Cartwright illustrator

PS, If you would like to discuss an illustration project, please feel free to Contact

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