Freelance illustrator Adrian Cartwright looks at ways to celebrate Planet's coming 25th anniversary.

How to celebrate our 25th anniversary ?

Planet illustration studio company blog 017 / What's the best way to celebrate our 25th anniversary.

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How to celebrate?

16th June 2015

How do we celebrate our 25th anniversary ?

25 years is a long time, well it kinda goes by quickly in reflection, but then everything does. It's only when you look harder, deeper, then I'm remembering things that come to mind, and my memory starts to fill. Back in the day... Wow stop right there Granddad!

This blog is about celebrating 25 years as a freelance illustrator, not a trip down memory lane. That can wait for another blog in quite a few years time.
But I guess the celebration is about longevity and success as a freelance illustrator. You can measure success in different ways, longevity for one and financial is another or accolades and follows perhaps. I guess the fact I've managed to survive when times were very hard, and partners and others said to quit, and only self belief kept me going stands for something.
Providing a professional and commercial service, that's fed and sheltered me, and later on for a family is a feet on it's own.

So How do I celebrate that? We're all in the process of accomplishing our 25th or 50th or even our 3rd year. I remember celebrating my first year, I honestly can't recall what I did, I think it might have been a "Phew! 1 year, Now for the next".
I remember Popping Champagne on the 10th Anniversary, and buying myself one of the first iPads on the 20th, but most of these have been with people close to me, and a low key affaire, but 25th has some sort of public-ness about it, and I’m honestly stuck with what to do... I don't want to be all "Hey Look at me, aren't we good", but I feel I should share it with more people.
Perhaps working in the city centre with other creatives, I feel part of something bigger, and that’s pulling me to share my milestone... hang on a minute... I could invite some old friends from the last 25 years... that would be good, wouldn't it? Or are we looking at "Old School reunion" situation. I've never been to one of those, and have reservations. I'll leave that one out there for suggestions. e-mail your suggestions..?

PS… if you remember me, get in touch just incase I do the reunion idea suggest above.!

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