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Architectural illustration, Who needs it...?

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Architectural illustrations, who needs it...?

14th July 2015

Architectural illustration, who needs it…?

This blog aims to shine some light onto Architectural illustration and hopefully enlighten you to some useful ways you can utilise them.

Typically and quite obviously they’re used to promote buildings in many ways, and other areas that you might not have realised.
I’ve been providing architectural drawings since 1990, and in the early years it focused in the domestic house builders in the UK.
Most of the commissions were for Artist impressions of a new build house that required flattering scenes creating from architectural plans.
These illustrations were used in marketing literature to promote and ultimately sell the houses on the housing site.

There were other areas that also needed an artist’s touch. For instance a plan of the site, so that potential buyers could locate the plots where the suitable houses were being built, and to get a understanding of the location of that plot. Many of these were 2d (2 dimensional) but 3d illustrations of sites were also commissioned, and still are occasionally.

The introduction of digital 3d modelling has really helped with giving the customer a more informed visual to present to them before work starts on the rendition. We’re able to experiment with angles and perspective to find the most informative and aesthetic view. Building the site in a 3d model also returns a very cost effective solution if there’s more than one scene required. You see the problem often encountered with 3d scenes of housing sites, is that unless all the houses are facing the same way, something I’ve never come across. Then you’ll have some houses facing away, and shown from the rear of the house. Trees also can get in the way as well as tall objects.

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Commercial projects involving local government and independent companies in the field of civil engineering have used our services to provide architectural illustrations to show new road layouts, and planning submissions. Planet has produced commercial manufactures of building materials with illustrations to show where their products are situated in a typical situation.
Floor plans for fire safety protocol, allowing visitors and tenants to know the safest route to safety if a fire is detected. Floor plans to provide location of business’s in a shopping mall. 2d floor plans are simple schematics of a building but some people have difficulty understanding them, so a 3d floor plan is recommended to help people understand the illustration.

interior design
I’ve used 3d modelling the same as I use for architectural images to produce interior scenes to help plan out rooms. Here’s pic of a visual I created for my studio to help decide where to place the furniture so and know what I needed and if things didn’t fit. This was very helpful, and freed up time working it out once the office was available.
I’ve used this technique over the years for domestic use at home. Simply having a plan of your home is really helpful to decide what size furniture you should buy and play around experimenting where to place things.

Maps have been created using architectural modelling software to some great looking designs. Having the ability to pan and zoom in to get the right angle is a very valuable asset in my illustration service, that I pass onto my customers. I’m always on the lookout for new ways to provide ever more 3d models, so please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions… and please follow me on the social sites at the bottom of this page.

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