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Technical illustration commission

Planet illustration studio company blog 025 / Technical illustration commission. by freelance illustrator Adrian Cartwright

Technical illustrator
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Technical illustrator Adrian Cartwrigth covers a typical technical illustration commission

25th August 2015

Technical illustration commission.

Adrian Cartwright studied Technical illustration in Falmouth 1986-1990, becoming a Freelance Technical illustrator in 1990.

Note: Technical illustration is a specialist area of design that needs an understanding of the subject to be illustrated. Normally the commission will be technical in nature, but it’s not always the case, because the term “technical" normally used for this sort of illustration refers more to something complicated or a specialist subject. Subjects that require this sort of illustration are endless and so are the Customers that commission them.


Normally a customer will want an image to promote a product or service, and feel that an illustration will help to show it in a way to explain it.

I try to work out what the customer needs are first, then asked them a few questions to help focus on its viability as an illustration, and if there's a real need for it and how it will work.
This can really help and open up possibilities and hopefully turbo charge their image and how it's used.
Planet illustration offer this service as part of the commission, and customers really value it, benefiting from illustration consultation built from experience since 1990. Call Adrian

Customers normally have to invest some time in educating the technical illustrator about their project. It's very important that the Technical illustrator understands the subject so they can illustrate it in an accurate and informative way. This can take time, studying and corresponding with the customer to clear up anything that might cause confusion.
Once the illustrator feels they have all the reference needed, a quick concept is sketch up for customer approval and feedback.
Then the construction of the illustration begins, this is the meat of the commission and normally takes more than 50% of the time on the illustration commission.
Once there's something for the customer to see to help show how it's going, we normally give a progress report to the customer, and hope to cover any questions that might have arisen during the construction.
Any feedback is appreciated and changes if any are carried out for customer approval.
The illustration is completed and reviewed by the customer, and any final corrections are carried out.
Technical illustrations done with this process help to avoid issues and large corrections, something nobody wants.

Sometimes a customer might change their mind about how the illustration is produced or looks, and this is usually resolved in an amicable way, but if the work involved to make the changes is lengthy, then an Author charge is considered and discussed with the customer before any work is done.
It's very important that the customer is on-board with the illustrator to help the project work effectively and in a timely and cost effective way. Due to the technical nature of this sort of illustration, it's very important the customer is involved and motivated with the illustration project. Read Customer reviews.

There are many other things to consider with a technical illustration commission, like how the illustration will be presented and the target audience that will benefit from the illustration. Read more about this… “need help commissioning an illustrator"

Planet illustration has a page focusing on technical illustrations that help to show the different areas of Technical illustration. Technical illustrator

Call Adrian at Planet illustration if you have a Technical illustration question or simply want a quick chat. 01332 517544

Author: Adrian Cartwright illustrator.

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We have a page dedicated to help you commission here, Or simply give Adrian a call today for a friendly chat.

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