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Planet illustration studio company blog 027 / freelance illustrator celebrates 25th year in business. by freelance illustrator Adrian Cartwright

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19th October 2015

Adrian Cartwright celebrated 25 years as a freelance illustrator on 25th September 2015.

It was a Friday, which is always a good start to any celebration, and it was decided a week before that it was a bit late for any BIG deal, so an Office gathering was perfect, and quickly arranged. Cake and Fizz was the lure to entice friends and colleagues at home and Friar Gate Studios.

To be honest, I seem to remember the celebration of my first year being equally momentous, perhaps because the chances of a self employed person making the full year was 20%. I was new to it all then, and so very grateful to have make it so far… I guess I still keep that feeling, and grateful that people want to pay me to do what I love. illustrating

Over the last 25 years things have changed in my field of design for the better, like digital artwork, commanding 90% of all design, aiding creativity and the general standard of finish. But also the internet has opened the market up to international competition, changing how freelance illustrators work.
Finding a reliable and professional illustrator can be even more difficult with a sea of would-be illustrators vying for your attention. So I find myself skilled in web design, SEO not to mention design software and blogging to simply keep a findable presence in the market.

You might think that being a successful illustrator for 25 years, things would be easy, but it’s not that simple. It’s more specialised nowadays, and more competitive, so it’s just as tough, but ever changing. Perhaps that’s why I’ve made it so far, being flexible and an appetite to learn new skills as I got older has been key to a successful illustrator career.

Who know’s what will transform in design in the next 25 years, but I intend to be there, doing what I love… illustrating. Follow Adrian on social media sites.

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I would like to thank the people who came to planet illustration’s office party, and the kind words and cards received.

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