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Man's guide to wrapping gifts.

Planet illustration studio company blog 028 / Man's guide to wrapping Christmas pressents. by freelance illustrator Adrian Cartwright

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How to wrap a gift.

21st December 2015

Adrian Cartwright's festive " Mans guide to wrapping Christmas gifts. "

Let’s be honest, Men aren’t normally that gifted when it comes to gifts!
I’m a technical illustrator, and think of myself as being a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to anything craft like,
with a steady hand and an eye for detail. However I’m rubbish at wrapping presents…!

We need help,
so I thought that I could use my talent to help others who need some guidance and hopefully avoid a sticky end. No Origami wrapping here, just simple clean wrapping that will be easy and cheap.

Gifts come in different shapes and sizes, so we need to lay down some rules.

First rule of wrapping:
Drawing pins or elastic bands while wrapping on you knee is a bad start.

Second rule of wrapping:
Literally !

Third rule of wrapping:
I know you’re saying why not, but it’s only going to look BAD, adding tinsel off the Christmas tree and spaying fake snow and the like will not help, you’ll end up with droopy and soggy wrapping.
And attaching Tampons as a decorative addition is a complete NO NO. Jonathan Leach.

Author: Adrian Cartwright illustrator.

No man is without his tools, and for this job you’ll need:
Wrapping Paper ( Your choice… and that’s another story! )
Scissors ( Any should do fine)
Double sided sticky tape (is the best, but normal clear tape will do. Don’t use electrical tape! )
Table ( to work on… don’t try to do this on the floor. You’ll get back, knee and neck ache. You'll need a hard surface to press down on.)

We’ll start with something easy like a box or cube.

Author: Adrian Cartwright illustrator.

giftbox wrapping

Cut the wrapping paper width to size by measuring it up against the sides so they're a little past halp way up the side.

rapping presents

Cut the wrapping paper length to allow it to fully wrap around the box with a little extra for overlap.

Gift wrapping

With the box position in the centre of the paper, fold the left and right sides of paper wrapping over and crease the edges by pressing down on the giftbox edges.

sizing wrapping paper
wrapping a box

Add the tape (Double sided tape) to the inner side of the wrapping paper. Flap the paper tightly so it's closing down and press down.

wrapping instructions

Fold the other two sides making crease on the edges like in the previous steps to aid taping position.

pressent wrapping

Add the tape near to the edge and slightly fold the flap, then tuck the sides inward, before pressing the flap firmly. Repeat on the other side.

how to wrap a box

That’s it… all done ! You might need to stick a nametag on or perhaps a fancy decorative thing to finish it off.


Other gift wrapping shapes like cylinders and Pyramids, coming soon.

Please share this helpful guide to all men needing help.

Helf wrapping how to

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