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Finding a suitable illustrator can be a confusing situation.

10th October 2016

Adrian Cartwright has been a freelance illustrator since 1990 working for a wide range of customers worldwide with their own unique commissions.

Finding a suitable illustrator isn't always easy...
Recently I've spoken to some of my clients and found out that the way they go about sourcing illustration is quite differing and some employ unconventional methods to get what they're looking for.

What options are there?
People working in design that utilise independent creatives like freelancers will normally approach an Agent, but this can be a more costly way with the Agent working on behalf of the illustrator, and their commission to consider.
Others with a smaller budget will search on the internet, and contact illustrators directly, perhaps after looking at the illustrators online portfolio. See my folio for instance. Illustration folio
But some take stranger routes to find a professional illustrator. For instance one customer normally contacts their trusted printer when they're looking for a design based professional. Others will sift through old mailers they've collected over the years. This seems an old school way that I've not heard done for years, but it seems more are resorting to this method rather than the feeling of utter confusion many experience when looking online.

I think the issue we often have when looking for a professional on the internet is that employment agencies have flooded the subject, so you have to sift through them avoiding the system pushing you to where they want you to go to buy from them.

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In an ideal world...
all the illustrators would be simply listed with a set of filters to remove the ones not needed for your needs, possibly leaving you with 25 showing their location and folios to focus on.
Some Customers are quite happy to use their local illustrator too, this is how it was when I started back in 1990, but the internet has given great choice but confusion at the same time.

Personal recommendation is a very powerful guide when it comes to hiring someone's services, and google and others have quickly worked on that, but is the current 5 star system promoted enough. (See my listing on goole here). Quite a few people don't know about it, and just don't know how to find it if they tried.

So it's still a minefield finding a suitable illustrator that you can rely on and provide a professional service. But you've just found one. Me !

Learn about the pros and cons
of commissioning illustration with some helpful tips on how to prepare.
For helpful tips on commissioning an illustrator. here

Please take a look at my customer reviews here
or read the google reviews about the illustration service and how I've helped many unfamiliar with design, and the professionals.

To find out how to find an illustrator can be complicated. Simply contact me and drawing on my 26 years experience, I'll do my best to help steer you in the right direction.

Author: Adrian Cartwright illustrator.

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