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Working in a fun and friendly environment is key to a happy lifestyle and business.

18th October 2016

Work experience, Tenants, Fun events and 10th anniversary.

Last week tenants, staff and myself celebrated Friar Gate Studios 10th birthday.
It seemed fitting to blog about the place I work, and share some of the things we do here. With some handy links to more informative advice.

I moved my business into Friar Gate Studios, in May 2014 after considering it for a few years, and falling to constant requests from my fiancé to convert our Cellar studio into a dining room.
Friar Gate Studios was built in 2006 providing a creative centre for design and creative industries in Derby. Originally designed for sculptor and more traditional based creative types, but quickly realised that they prefer workshops and not so keen on inner city locations. So the building has adapted to a more digital side of the creative industry, and has proved a huge success. With a wide range of creatives, including Sound specialists, film producers and UI designers.
In recent years it’s spearheaded European funding to create many more similar communities in Derby (Connect). And over the years I've made friends with many of the tenants and staff.

Working in the middle of a City has it’s pros and cons, as you would expect, commuting is rarely fun, but I try to add exercise into the journey to make it a more rewarding journey. And after working from home for many years, it’s nice to get away from the distractions of home, but also handy for the city centre.
(see my blog about exercise for designers)

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Work experience is something I've supported since 1997, and I’ve entertain some work experience here, normally design students and graduates. How it normally works is dependant on the students needs and ability, but typically for 1-3 weeks. Sharing my experience working in the design industry for over 26 years, and I learn from the student too. It’s very much a positive experience and helps to keep horizons open to new concepts.

Social events on offer in the creative hub that is Friar Gate Studios falls into two categories. Business focus events that cover items like marketing and are organised typically quarterly by staff, and the fun events like 5-a-Side Football, Karting and notable parties organised by both tenants and staff.

Ultimately the place I work is two things, the building that houses my studio and provides a focal point of creatives who are passionate about their profession, and my business of 26 years were I help my customers with clever and effective illustration. (See my folio)
Fun, creative and friendly.

Happy 10th birthday Friar Gate Studios.

Author: Adrian Cartwright illustrator.

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