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Wikipedia chose my illustration !


I’ve always been an admirer of Wikipedia, and often use the site for expert knowledge. Especially when researching for my illustration commissions.

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So I was very flattered to see that Wikipedia had chosen my illustration to illustrate a typical Artist’s impression or Artist’s interpretation ! I can’t say I had anything to do with it being used, except that the illustration is currently on my illustration website. So I’m purely bragging about this, but it just shows that you never know who’s looking at your artwork. Perhaps recent commissions for Publishers has had something to do with it. Considering my work for the “imagine” Yoko Ono’s new book, and other high level music publications. If you’d like to see more examples of Artist impression, please get in touch.

Author: Adrian Cartwright illustrator.


Artist impression from Wikipedia

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Planet illustration blog 037 08/01/2019 - Wikipedia chose my illustration... by illustrator Adrian Cartwright

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