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Haynes Manual Creator John H Haynes


It was his books that inspired me to study Technical illustration and to become a technical illustrator.

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I hear today the sad news that John Harold Haynes passed away on the 8th February.

I was especially proud to be commissioned to produce a technical illustration for the cover of said Haynes Manuals. This one was to promote RBH (agency) in Meriden near Coventry in the Midlands.

I’ve been producing technical illustrations since 1990, and in that time the methods to illustrate complex instructions has changed, but the basic principle that John utilise to help people all over the world is still the same. A process of commissioning an Artist to illustrate clear and functional images, in the most effective way.

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Author: Adrian Cartwright illustrator.


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Planet illustration blog 038 13/02/2019 - Haynes manuals creator... by illustrator Adrian Cartwright

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