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Blog-043: D2N2 conference - my take on why I've gone back to advertising.

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Following on from my other blogs about what I learnt at the D2N2 Conference.

I’ve been doing or should I say trying to do Social media to promote my business for about 7-8 years, but have lost faith in it the last 3 years... I came to the conclusion that if I was to make the sort of commitment to Social media sites the marketeers were suggesting, I’d have to spend 1-2 days a week blogging and posting not to mention creating original content as well...
You can see where I’m going... it was effectively costing too much time. I simply didn’t have the time to consistently do it.
At the same time marketeers were simply too expensive and had a limited knowledge of my very bespoke area of design “illustration”.
I did commission a marketing company, but the content written was shallow, for my budget, and I simply felt I could have done better in 15 minutes. So that didn’t work.

Now there’s different ways to pay in advertising. You can simply pay for direct links like Google Adwords, where you pay when someone clicks on your ad and paying a fee per click (ppc) pay per click advertising. Typically 1-5% of paid ad clicks will generate into a contact/purchase. Surprisingly 50% will click on your ad and straight away bounce back off, costing you money.

Facebook also have a similar service, but I understand that’s quite a bit cheaper.... But I don’t use FaceBook, partly because it isn’t a suitable platform for commissioning illustration.

In closing on this topic, there are many platforms out there for paid advertising. Consider your audience, then explore the advertising options on sites that attract your future customer.

To find out more about Adrian and the illustration service, take a look at other blogs and see Adrian’s folio for examples of illustration and animation.


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Thanks for reading this, and I'd love to hear your experience with goggles.

If you're the sort of person who occatinally commissions illustration or animation, please connect up with me, and hopefully we can work together in the future.

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Author: Adrian Cartwright illustrator.

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Planet illustration blog 043 18/11/2019 - D2N2 conference 2019- Paid advertising... by illustrator Adrian Cartwright

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