technical illustration examples from ships, locks, maps, contruction, engineering drawings.

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Freelance technical illustrator Adrian Cartwright has produced different design styles of technical illustration since 1990.
Looking at the folio of illustration examples it's clear that there's technical illustrations of a more traditional style similar to technical manuals for instance engineering manuals. Then there's more modern styles of design used for electronics and another illustration style for engineering and construction illustrations. And now animated technical instruction have been added to the portfolio.

The use of 3d modelling software in recent years has helped a lot in the process of perspective. The time involved is similar, but with the added asset that the perspective can be altered, and multiple images can be created from one model. Keeping cost down and production time.
This is something that I've passed onto my customers, which has benefitted everyone including the end user.

Technical illustration is very helpful for instructional booklets, giving pictorial instruction replacing the need to have multiple languages, something that's becoming more important as more companies are operating in a global market.
Recent commissions for technical illustration and animation have come from International household names and graphical technical illustration for mobile hardware developers in the USA and the Far East.Technical design is an area I help with, and technical artist visuals. Take a look at the folio tab in the menu header or footer for more examples of design illustration in my portfolio.

Take a look at the examples in the gallery / portfolio and feel free to contact Adrian. email him, or Call 01332 517544

Author: Adrian Cartwright.

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