Artist impression of a new road intersection. illustration Artist impression of new traffic system


This aerial view illustration showing an Artist impression of new traffic system was commissioned by the local government, and a marketing agency in Yorkshire. By create a visual representation of a new road traffic intersection, it allowed local businesses and residents an insight into what the new design would look like, and it’s impact on the environment. Kirklees council.


The objective was to transform the technical plans into a more natural and visually appealing depiction. After careful consideration, it was determined that a watercolour artist impression would be the most suitable approach, aligning with the rural surroundings of the location.


Adrian, a skilled artist with expertise in technical illustration, swiftly generated initial visuals based on the plans for review and consideration. Once the desired perspective was selected, a more detailed and refined rendition was produced. Watercolour pencils were utilised on stretched watercolour paper to bring the illustration to life, capturing the essence of the proposed intersection.


It’s worth noting that the choice of paper over board for this illustration was made to facilitate drum scanning, ensuring high-quality reproduction and versatility in its usage.

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