Examples of animation produced by Adrian Cartwright Planet illustration.

Animation is an area that planet illustration is interested in. Over the years planet has done commercial animation for companies like Rolls Royce plc, and Carlton Cinema. Other animations on this page range from commissioned work and experimental animation.

Over the last 30 years planet has produced illustrations, and only occasionally had the opportunity to create animated work. Having always enjoyed the creative process of animation, and the extra dimension of time added to our work.

I’ve worked with many different types of software and processes. From creating individual Adobe illustrator frames to compile together using Adobe Premiere Pro. I’ve used iMovie and even a plugin in SketchUp. And more to experience in the future.

 I look forward to the next animation commission.

Contact me if you have an animation project that needs my help. I would love to listen to your ideas, and perhaps we can work together to create something really great.

The Globe Animation was commissioned directly from KBR for their corporate event in the US. It’s also used for promotional items digitally. To learn more about this animation, simply give me a call, and I’ll be happy to discuss it and your animation needs.

An illustration was the origin of this animation. If you want to see the illustration, simply click here. And for more illustration examples click on the portfolio here

Example illustration to demonstrate the motion graphics using Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and SketchUp.

Assembly animation ideal for pre packed items that need assembly. Typically paper instructions are included with items. But this idea is to simply have a supporting QR code, where the user can stream the assembly animation.

Give Adrian a call if you think this is a great idea. +44 (0)1332 517544

I’ve included this style and animation example to represent the animation I did for Rolls Royce plc. Due to their strict copyright contracts, I’m unable to show you the work I did for them, but this example gives you a slight suggestion of the style I produced for them.

If you like it, please get in touch. I enjoyed this style of animation, and would love to do more.

Give me a call here. +44 (0)1332 517544