Cutaway illustrations are used extensively in engineering. Below is a wide range of cutaway illustrations, showing cross sections and some additional techniques to get the best out of technical illustration. These graphic illustrations help to show how things work, or their place in engineering construction.

At the bottom of the page, there’s a FAQ’s section that might help you to find an illustrator suitable for technical illustration and cutaway drawings.

Take a look at the different styles, and feel free to call Adrian if you have any questions.

Civil engineering

This is a typical cross sectional cutaway illustration.

The illustration shows the different materials used in the construction using geo textiles to help support construction and protect utilities in a commercial environment.

Produced for a customer in the UK.

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Cutaway of a FireBox

Cutaway illustration showing elements of the firebox for product marketing.

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Cutaway & Exploded view

This illustration was commissioned for a flooring treatment company in the UK.
There’s multiple layers of finish in this illustration. And Artistic license was used to good effect to help illustrate the materials used.

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Cross Section

This is a 3d styled floor plan illustration. The cross section helps to show a particular floor in the building.

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Building Cutaway

This illustration shows the inside of a generic multi story building. Helping to illustrate the environment the PowerTower Units work.

Produce for marketing and sales promotions. It’s design illustrates the product in situation. Interestingly, a “Zoomed In” box is included to highlight the features.

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Perfect Margarita

A 2d styled cross sectional view of a Cocktail for marketing. The Da Vinci styled cutaway illustration draws from moderns styled technical illustration or technical drawing.

Originally drawn in pencil, for that authentic look, and re-worked in Adobe Photoshop.

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Cutaway illustration

Originally commissioned for a German construction materials supplier. This illustration showcases the layering of different elements in an aesthetic way.

Use of 3d modelling has been advantageous in the production of this and other cross section illustrations.

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This technical illustration shows cutaway sections in multiple places on the illustration. Often this is the most effective way to illustrate parts inside something else. Ghosting is an alternative, and you can visit examples of that here.

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Engineering Cutaway

Multiple cutaway sections are shown here. The focus was for an engineering company and their product in situation. Cutaways draw attention to an illustration in a universal way. Engaging the on-looker, and educating at the same time. Perfect for sales and marketing.

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Building Technical illustration Style

Produced in a Haynes Manual style for the cover of a Book promoting the Advertising agencies premises in the UK.

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Earthworks Cutaway

Part of a set of illustrations to promote Sub surface products for water control. 

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House Cutaway

Used to promote thermal heating and water supply sensors.

A clean and stylish look was required for this product.

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Cross Sectional towers

Commissioned to highlight the space saving properties of using customers product.

A comparison gave a simple but high strong message.

Perfect for sales and marketing.

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Cutaway and flow

Cutting the side off this water filter, was all that was needed to show how it worked… along with some arrows to show the flow of water. Simple and very effective.

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Cutaway and exploded views

A standard 1/4 one quarter cutaway to expose the inner parts, plus an exploded lower element to show it’s detachable properties.

Produced in Photoshop following Art directing the photoshoot.

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Customer FAQ

illustrator FAQ

It’s best to contact Adrian with a clear idea what you want, but if you’re not sure, that’s no problem. You can have an informal chat about what you want to do. This is normally the best method. Call Adrian

Delivery is typically within 2 weeks. Although the delivery depends on many factors, like amount of work involved. The speed in which reference or answers to questions from the customer can also impact progress. In other cases, some commissions are completed in a matter of a few days. It all depends on the volume of work, and schedule. I suggest asking during the briefing. 

In 33 years freelancing, I’ve never had a job go bad. But I do have a process in place to help protect the customer and myself. It’s a simple process. The illustration is produce over multiple steps, to avoid confusion or going off track. My customers like it, because it involves them, giving input. That way we avoid misunderstanding things, and if so, it’s corrected at that stage.
I always encourage my customers to honestly give feedback when the illustration is delivered to make sure they’re happy with it. And if there’s anything (it happens), then it’s rectified.
Read my reviews to see how commissions go. Reviews

Typically, the copyright belongs to the original artist, but the exclusive usage belongs to the commissioning customer. This is standard international copyright law. And means that nobody without consent from the original artist and commissioner can legally use part of or wholly the art in question. Copyright Law

The best method to start with is a telephone conversation. This will cover many questions, and help guide the best options available. This will speed things up a lot, and answer any concerns you might have. Call Adrian 01332517544

Budgets are helpful, but not necessary. Sometimes people will put in a low budget, thinking it will get a good price for the illustration. The fact is, it will only limit the volume of work done for the commission.
Try to be realistic about commissioning a bespoke illustration from a professional illustrator.
I don’t overcharge my customers, because they’ll go somewhere else next time.

It’s good business to be honest and work together as a team to get the best results. Simples !
Often an illustrator will need reference to produce illustrations. Depending on the subject, the commissioning customer might have private information or technical data/plans or items that would be extremely helpful for producing the illustration.
So please collect reference suitable for the commission.
During the illustration process, it’s important that there’s communication between the illustrator and one other, who’s the point of contact regarding the illustration commission. This is often the person who contacts the illustrator originally. But sometimes it’s a team of people.
In that case one person should be appointed the main contact. This will avoid conflicting feedback, and keep a clear channel for communication.