Low Poly Lighthouse. illustration example of low poly style in a flat render


This illustration example of low poly style in a flat render exemplifies the unique style that can be commissioned for various projects. This style is incredibly useful for editorial illustration because it allows multiple versions of perspective. Adding great value to the illustration.


The concept behind this specific illustration was to create a large-scale artwork for a corporation, showcasing multiple aspects of their business. The client intended for the illustration to cover a significant portion of their company reception wall, making a bold visual statement.


The styling of this illustration draws inspiration from low-poly art, utilising clean lines and simplified geometric shapes. The result is a visually striking composition that is both modern and easily understandable. Despite being created for an industrial global company, the light-hearted nature of the style adds a touch of accessibility and approachability. This illustration was created using SketchUp.


It is worth noting that there are other examples of this particular style available on this website, offering further insights into versatility and capabilities.

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