Health and Safety illustration cartoon LaFarge. Graphic artist. illustration of a humorous safety poster


The illustrations were for a humorous safety poster, created for LaFarge, specifically targeting workers involved in Quarry excavation. The aim of the poster was to address the serious dangers in the workplace through a humorous and engaging approach. The intention was to captivate the attention of the workers, as traditional safety posters often go unnoticed or forgotten. Using graphic illustrations was a cost-effective alternative to photographs, which could be seen as dull or overly personal.


The concept focussed around promoting safety awareness in a lighthearted and amusing manner. The illustrations were designed to highlight the potential hazards while incorporating elements of humour. By employing a more editorial approach with stylised characters struck a balance between playfulness and maintaining a mature tone.


While the chosen style veered away from a purely cartoonish aesthetic, as it was felt that it might patronise the readers. Instead, an editorial style with stylised characters was adopted, providing a more grown-up appearance while still being visually engaging. The use of humour, exaggerated movements, and consequences further reinforced the message and enhanced the illustrations’ effectiveness. Created using Adobe illustrator and pencil and paper.


The safety poster achieved great success, leading to additional work evolving from that initial commission. The approach resonated with other customers as well, resulting in further opportunities in the field of safety illustration and communication.

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