technical illustration in full colour. user manual illustration for technical manual technical graphics. illustration for engineers manual of oil burner igniter


Oil burner technology with a technical graphic illustration for engineers manual of oil burner igniter. Showcasing the components and electrical flow of a typical igniter. Annotation to help guid the reader how to install the item.


The aim of this illustration is to provide a comprehensive visual representation of an oil burner igniter, highlighting its various parts and the flow of electricity within the system.


Employing 3D modeling software SketchUp and refined through Adobe Illustrator, this illustration embodies the signature style of technical illustrations developed by Planet Illustration. The meticulous attention to detail ensures a precise and accurate depiction of the subject matter.


This specific illustration was part of a series of commissioned works in 2022 and 2023, tailored for oil engineers in the UK. Each illustration serves as a valuable resource for enhancing understanding and facilitating efficient maintenance and troubleshooting within the field.

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