Operating instruction illustrations. Technical drawings for instruction graphics. illustration for user manuals and instructions


This illustration is part of a comprehensive set of nearly 200 instruction illustrations commissioned by a national organisation. Providing rich and clear illustration for user manuals and instructions.


This specific illustration focuses on providing instructions for accessing fuel from two different points, depending on whether it needs to be added or removed. The illustration demonstrates the correct height to follow, considering safety considerations.


The style of the instruction illustrations was developed through collaboration between myself and the client. They required a cost-effective style that could be applied to various forms of instructions. This required careful planning and preparation. Style libraries were created, and a strict formula was established to ensure continuity across the illustrations. Use of SketchUp and Adobe illustrator was used to produce the finished artwork.


When working on a commission with numerous illustrations, it is sometimes necessary to maintain flexibility while ensuring continuity. This is where my expertise came into play, as I exercised good judgment in prioritising style while ensuring the illustrations served their intended function.

The primary focus was on creating illustrations that effectively conveyed the necessary instructions.

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