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Exercise instructions use illustrations produced for a UK based company for outdoor gym exercise instruction boards.
This workout exercise illustration style has proved to be popular with commissions from North America and the UK. Illustration examples shown here are just a small sample of over a hundred illustrations produce for a particular commission in 2017.
Workout instructions are best shown in a pictorial way, and have the benefit of being free of language. So they are suitable for multi lingual displays and exercise guides. Other graphic illustration commissions have been produce following this style of graphic art. Many workout drawings are generic, but this commission was different with stylistic and original graphic illustrations.


The Customer is a manufacturer of outdoor exercise spaces. Occasionally in a workout gym situation, but more often placed in open spaces like public parks and educational environments. The “stations” are typically an exercise area placed along a pathway, where the user discovers them perhaps while on a walk or run.
Exercise illustrations were needed to educate the used how to use the equipment, and insights to new ways to perform an exercise. The illustrations needed to be attractive, engaging, inclusive and ultimately easy to understand.


The illustration style was developed alongside the client from the very beginning of the illustration commission. Many different styles were considered and a style was developed for scrutiny and feedback.
The customer wanted the characters to be as diverse as possible. This included all ages, sex, ethnicity and ability. I really liked that inclusion to the brief, and it’s made the illustrations more engaging. The diversity of exercises is vast, and unique is some cases.
The exercise equipment was made a generic colour to help identify it and keep a clear difference with the rest of the illustration. The use of arrows is used to show movement and direction, and a ghosted line in other places to help show a start/end of a repetition.


The illustrations are all proceeded using Adobe illustrator from pencil sketches produce by Adrian Cartwright.

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