Strategy illustration for commercial development. Planning and presentation. illustration representing internal communications in a global company. illustration Graphic to support new concept


The illustration was commissioned to promote a new global service to customers worldwide.


The primary objective of the illustration Graphic to support new concept was to highlight specific services to the company’s workforce, shareholders, and customers. Aiming to communicate the key features and benefits of the new support service.


The illustration drew inspiration from a previous artwork created for the same client, which had a Lego-like appearance. The chosen style incorporated vibrant colours, block-like elements, and a playful aesthetic to capture attention and create a visually engaging representation of the services. The illustration was illustrated using Adobe illustrator.


This particular illustration played a significant role in promoting the new service at the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), where shareholders were introduced to the offering. Its purpose was to create awareness and generate interest among stakeholders about the new global service.
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