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Infographic illustration compares the advantages and disadvantages of using a specific chair for individuals with limited mobility while travelling by Air, Sea, Road or Train. It depicts the journey of a person from arrival to departure, highlighting the benefits of using the chair throughout the process. Creating the concept as a graphic illustration, is a powerful visual aid for the education of the concept to customers and users. Avoiding lengthy text, this infographic supports the dialogue in multiple languages. Ideal for international sales and marketing.


The main objective of the illustration is to provide a visual representation of the advantages gained by utilising the chair. It aims to educate and inform potential customers about the benefits and convenience offered by the product. The illustration helps to support the sales efforts of the company on a global scale by effectively conveying the concept.


The illustration created using Adobe illustrator adopts a simple design approach that enables quick comprehension and tells two simultaneous stories. It features a side view of the chair, showcasing only the essential elements required to convey the concept effectively. The simplistic style emphasises clarity and efficiency in communicating the advantages of using the chair. Using common universal symbols and icons, the infographic image is clear and easily understood. Illustrations created using Adobe illustrator.


In addition to the infographic illustration, I was also commissioned to create the assembly instructions for the chair. The link showcases the illustrations created for that purpose, providing further visual guidance for customers. See here

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