Plan view of St James' Park in London. illustration map of St James’s Park London


This watercolour map of St James’s Park in London was commissioned by NHS London for a new health campaign focused on promoting a healthier lunchtime for residents in the area.


The concept of the campaign aimed to encourage workers and residents to utilise the nearby green spaces near Buckingham Palace and St James’s Park, emphasising the importance of outdoor activity and exercise.


The watercolour style was chosen to align with the naturalistic and vibrant nature of the campaign. Watercolour illustrations often evoke a sense of connection to nature, which was fitting for highlighting the green spaces in the area. The map distinguishes the subject, the park and its surroundings, by utilising bold colours and contrasts, creating a strong visual impact that aligns with the objectives of the NHS campaign.


The illustration was entirely hand-drawn, following the A-Z map of Central London and utilising satellite imagery from Google Maps. (Old School) This traditional approach to map-making adds a unique and personalised touch to the artwork.

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