Architectural artist impression of a building. illustration of a building Artist impression HMRC Nottingham


This illustration of a building Artist impression HMRC Nottingham showcases a building located in Nottingham. Commissioned by HMRC (His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs). The purpose of the illustration was to highlight the building’s unique pest control system, specifically designed to address the issue of pigeons nesting and causing damage to the complex.


The building itself is an award-winning design, featuring a fascinating air conditioning system where a special tower in the roof draws air up through the building. To combat the pigeon issue, netting was implemented, but before its installation, an artist impression was required to visualise how it would look.


The chosen styling for the artist impression was watercolour, which beautifully captures the natural history connections with pigeons. The use of detailed watercolour adds a touch of realism and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the illustration.


Notably, this particular illustration was so well-received that it now proudly hangs on a wall in the City Council offices in Nottingham.

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