Civil Engineering cross section illustration illustrating Geo-textiles used to support engineering technical illustration


The civil engineering cutaway illustration depicts a cross-section of the ground, showcasing the application of geotextiles, a civil engineering product. The primary purpose of geotextiles is to provide support to ground materials while offering protection to man-made items like communication and power supplies.


The illustration focuses on demonstrating how geotextiles are utilised to reinforce a concrete banking support structure. The geotextile is positioned between different types of soil, stone, and aggregates, acting as a separator and preventing the mixture of these materials.

In addition to its functional role, the illustration also incorporates an area designated for planting. This allocation serves both aesthetic and environmental purposes, enhancing the overall appearance and promoting ecological considerations within the civil engineering project.


The illustration follows a clean and sectional composition, aligning with the style of previous illustrations created for the client. The use of drop shadows adds depth to the illustration, making it visually appealing and ensuring its prominence within the composition. Overall, the style of the illustration is versatile and can be adapted to suit various artwork styles.

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