illustration of a Civil Engineering Architectural Cutaway Scene to show underground work and construction. Technical illustration.


This cutaway illustration or architectural cutaway showcases the application of geotextiles in underground engineering works.


The inspiration for this technical illustration comes from a previous commission. The goal is to create a creative and informative drawing that effectively demonstrates the various uses of the brand’s geotextile product. By showcasing its applications, aiming to educate viewer and enhance their understanding of the product. As the creative illustrator, t’s important to have a good knowledge of the product in order to create engaging situations within the illustration.


Based on an older design, this illustration has been updated and improved. The composition has been enhanced, and additional features such as wall lights and car details have been added. Realistic textures have also been incorporated, elevating the overall quality of the artwork.

The clever execution of the cutaway design creates a cube-like structure, isolating the subject and avoiding unnecessary background or surroundings.

This design choice also provides some breathing space around the illustration, giving it a light and user-friendly feel. The addition of a soft shadow on the floor adds depth to the illustration. Adobe Photoshop and SketchUp were used in the creation.


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