Geotextile cutaway technical illustration. Graphic artist, technical graphic artist. Close-up cross section of geotextiles under compression.


The standard cross-section illustration is depicted in a realistic styled illustration, aiming to highlight the absorbent properties of a specific material. The primary purpose of the illustration is to demonstrate how the material acts as a protective barrier, preventing sharp stones from puncturing membranes and causing leaks.


The concept revolves around showcasing the effectiveness of the customer’s protective matting in safeguarding more vulnerable items under heavy weight. A simple cutaway or cross-section is employed to clearly illustrate the layers and functionality of the product. However, the illustration maintains a realistic look that aligns with the desired styling theme.


The illustration adheres to an existing style theme, incorporating elements of realism while still emphasising the product’s protective capabilities. To accentuate the material’s performance, some exaggeration of its deforming properties may be necessary. This allows viewers to visualise how the product actively responds and absorbs the pressure.


The illustration was created using Adobe Photoshop, leveraging its capabilities to achieve a realistic and visually appealing depiction.

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