Engineering cutaway section illustration of a dirty water filter system


This is a technical illustration showing a cutaway section of a Water filter system. It was commissioned to provide visual support to help educate and inform customers. By providing information to promote how it works in a graphical way. Customers appreciate the simplicity of a Graphical drawing showing how things work, and are a main stay industry. Drawing a cutaway view showing internal working parts of a technical image is a very effective way to educate the viewer. Technical graphic art and in this case a technical graphic cutaway is a crowd pleaser for sales.


Commissioned to provide information in a user friendly way to new customers. This was the brief, and a technical drawing was considered, but had to quickly inform what the product was doing. The client needed an easy to understand approach.  Because the product is essentially a large steel box, a cutaway technical drawing was ideal.
Using this example of graphic illustration, a customer can quickly understand the concept. It was agreed that a graphic cutaway illustration was the way to go. 

Technical graphics can promote a product in a very powerful way, simply by engaging the viewer to look closer.Adrian Cartwright freelance illustrator


The composition of the illustration is called a Cutaway view or cross section / cross sectional view. There are many different ways to do this, but typically it involves removing parts of the subject to allow clear views of inner parts.

The rendering style was semi realistic. Partly to keep it clean and avoid it getting complicated. This cutaway illustration needed to be easy to understand, so less is more.

The use of arrows to indicate the flow of water was important, and by starting from left to right is a common method to follow. Adding features like dirt and ground litter that would typically appear in the system also helped to demonstrate the how it works illustration.


A cutaway image allows a customer to Learn about a product. And in doing so, will buy into the product. This is a very effective and important method in sales.

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