folio image of illustration illustration of a cutaway section from a medical cushion


This highly detailed illustration of a cutaway section from a medical cushion showcases a cutaway view of a special cushion designed for patients with mobility issues. illustrating the different layers of materials, allowing the viewer to be educated about the cushion and how it is constructed.


The purpose of the illustration was to provide a clear depiction of the internal components of the sophisticated seat cushion.


The chosen style for this illustration is hyperrealism, aiming to make the artwork resemble a photograph in its level of detail and accuracy. To enhance the visual impact, a drop shadow was added, creating the illusion of the cushion floating and adding depth to the overall composition. The realistic cutaway illustration was produced using Adobe Photoshop.


Creating this illustration involved combining multiple photographs and overlaying them to achieve the desired level of detail. Additionally, artistic renditions of the cutaway edges were added to create a convincing appearance and ensure the clarity of the internal components.

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