folio image of illustration illustration of a cutaway showing medical pneumatic seat cushion


This technical illustration of a cutaway showing medical pneumatic seat cushion showcases a photorealistic cutaway view designed for medical use. The purpose of these technical illustrations was to provide detailed information about a new product for sales in the medical market.


The styling of the illustration focuses on achieving a high level of realism, ensuring that the drawing closely resembles a photograph. To accomplish this, a meticulous process was followed. Multiple photos of the product in various stages of construction were taken, and each layer was carefully layered and removed to reveal the image below. Additionally, artistic elements were incorporated to enhance the edges, and shadows and highlights were added to create depth and dimension.

Finally, a drop shadow was included beneath the illustration to create the illusion of the item floating and to add a sense of visual impact. This illustration and other on the commission was produced using Adobe Photoshop.


It is worth mentioning that if you need a technical illustrator who specialises in photorealistic illustrations, please get in touch for further collaboration. We have additional examples and alternative styles that may suit your specific requirements.

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