technical illustration illustration of a drain for engineering underground works. Graphic illustration, technical illustration. Cutaway illustration showing drain and use of geotextiles.


This multi-level cutaway illustration of a drain for engineering showcases the application of geotextile products in protecting drainage pipes. The depicted drain is a low-volume drainage system designed to efficiently manage general ground water saturation, rather than serving as a storm drain. The use of geotextile, along with other supporting products, enables water to pass through while preventing the entry of other substances that could potentially cause blockages.


The concept behind this illustration is to highlight how geotextile products function in combination with other materials to maintain the integrity and functionality of drainage systems. By visually demonstrating the role of geotextile in preventing blockages and ensuring the smooth flow of water, customers can better understand its significance and value.


The illustration employs multiple cutaways to provide detailed insights into different areas and components within the three-dimensional drawing. This style has been developed in collaboration with the customer over the course of several years and previous illustration commissions. The use of a white background facilitates versatility, allowing the illustration to be easily incorporated into various applications using the .jpg file format. Additionally, a .png version is typically provided to accommodate more complex backgrounds.


The illustration was created using SketchUp and finalised using Adobe Photoshop. The portfolio contains numerous examples of illustrations similar to this depiction.

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