Technical graphics illustration of a graphic drawing promoting flood defence


illustration of a graphic drawing promoting flood defence, depicting a house fortified with a robust walled flood defence system. Detailed annotations and descriptive text accompany the illustration, providing valuable insights into the different elements of the flood defence system.


This graphic illustration serves as a representation of how the brand’s flood defence system can safeguard homes from potential flooding. By showcasing a generic home, the illustration effectively communicates the brand’s commitment to providing reliable and effective flood protection.


The composition of this illustration has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate the technical data that needed to be highlighted. Drawn using SketchUp, a 3d modelling software. The artwork seamlessly integrates the flood defence system into the house, ensuring a cohesive visual representation. Modifications were made to certain areas of the illustration to incorporate additional features, enhancing the accuracy and completeness of the depiction.


What you see is a finished page where the illustration has been strategically placed within the context of sales and marketing materials. This integration ensures that the illustration serves its purpose as a compelling visual element that supports the brand’s messaging and promotes the flood defence system.

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