Graphic illustration illustration of a heart for future medical technology


This illustration of a heart for future medical technology showcases new concepts utilising futuristic mobile technology. The graphic illustration was commissioned to promote and explain concept and promote the client’s technological developments in a graphic way.


The primary goal of this illustration is to visually communicate and promote the client’s innovative concepts. By converting their technological advancements into a graphic representation, the illustration aims to capture the essence of the ideas and engage the target audience effectively.


The illustration incorporates a medical theme, aligning with the current styles prevalent in the industry. The use of specific colours and graphic line styles helps to convey the concept’s connection to the medical field. Additionally, the illustration utilises symbols and iconography to further enhance the message and support accompanying literature. The illustrations were illustrated using Adobe illustrator.


The illustrations are created entirely in a vector format using Adobe Illustrator. This choice allows for maximum flexibility in terms of production and manipulation during the artwork phase. With vector graphics, the illustration can be easily scaled, modified, or adapted as needed without compromising its quality.

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