Artist impression of a house. Architectural visual. illustration of a house artist impression


illustration of a house artist impression showcases a new build house designed for a housing developer. The purpose of the illustration is to support marketing and sales promotion efforts before the house has been built.


The concept behind the artist impression is to provide a visually appealing representation of the house to attract potential buyers and investors. The illustration aims to highlight the key features and design elements of the house.


To create the artist impression, the architectural plans and building materials schedule were utilised as references. Additionally, the illustration incorporates the design of the surrounding hard and soft landscaping elements.

3D modeling software SketchUp was employed to build the virtual model of the house, while the rendering was done using Podium, a rendering plugin. The final result is a realistic and visually captivating representation of the new build house. This artist impression was created using 3d modelling software and completed with Adobe photoshop.


This artist impression is part of a series of house illustrations that were created for the housing developer. Each illustration in the set showcases a different property, providing potential buyers with a comprehensive visual understanding of the available houses.

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