Artist impression of a site plan in watercolour site development. illustration of a housing site artist impression in watercolour


This illustration of a housing site artist impression in watercolour presents an aerial view of a proposed housing site, specifically created for sales and marketing purposes. The illustration is rendered in watercolour and showcases the layout of roads, pathways, and existing trees on the site.


The aim of this artist impression is to provide a visual representation of the housing development from an elevated perspective. It serves as a marketing tool to promote the new housing site and its features.


The illustration is created using watercolour, following the plans of the development. The composition offers a three-quarter view, allowing viewers to see the sides and rooftops of the buildings. The schematic plan was placed into perspective using Adobe illustrator as a guide for perspective reference.


This particular illustration effectively utilises the transparency of watercolour, which allows for features to be seen through and behind the trees.

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