Technical plan graphics illustration of a Land Rover underneath


This illustration of a Land Rover underneath features a LandRover and was commissioned by an oil retailer. The objective was to create a poster promoting their brand of oils and grease specifically for Land Rover vehicles. The illustrations were intended to assist in identifying the locations where each special oil or grease should be applied, aiding in ordering and the stocking processes.


The concept for the illustrations revolved around depicting the underside of the Land Rover, allowing mechanics and technicians to easily identify the specific areas and quantities of the products required.


Initially, a technical illustration style was requested, but after careful consideration, a more user-friendly style was developed. This style ensured clear visibility of the locations without becoming overly complicated or cluttered. Adobe illustrator was used


In addition to the main illustration, alternative options were provided, such as a blue background with white lines, offering flexibility for the client to choose variations that suit their needs.

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