Realising low poly style illustration. illustration of a Low Poly styled lighthouse. Editorial illustration


This illustration of a Low Poly styled lighthouse with a touch of realism showcases a unique graphic style that was presented as an example for a global brand company. Providing a realistic style to what is a strong illustration style give the illustration a unique look, that’s sophisticated.


The concept behind this illustration was to create a visually striking artwork for the lobby and reception area of the company’s UK offices.


The low-poly style, known for its simplified geometric shapes, was chosen as the foundation for the illustration. However, I wanted to elevate the style by incorporating elements of realism to enhance the overall visual impact. By adding reflections, subtle shadows, and careful attention to lighting, the illustration achieves a more immersive and captivating rendition. This combination of low poly and realism creates a unique aesthetic that stands out and captures attention. The style was produced using SketchUp and third party rendering software. Finally completed using Adobe Photoshop.


While this specific illustration served as an example for a commission, the client ultimately decided to explore a different style direction. However, the artwork remains a testament to a creative range and ability to push the boundaries of established styles.

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