realistic Technial illustration Marketing illustration to promote the internal features of an illustration of a medical bed mattress.


illustration of a medical bed mattress. This realistic technical illustration portrays the internal components of a sophisticated medical mattress that utilises pneumatic technology to provide adjustable support and resistance to the patient’s body. This type of mattress is particularly beneficial for patients who are immobile or require protection from movement.


The technical illustration is part of a series of illustrations aimed at promoting the brand and showcasing the innovative technology of the medical mattress.

The client sought a photorealistic representation that would effectively demonstrate the internal workings of the mattress. These illustrations were intended for use in sales and marketing materials, including trade shows and literature.


Creating a photorealistic illustration can be a time-consuming process, given the level of detail involved. To ensure accuracy and seamless integration, careful coordination was necessary between the illustration and the accompanying photographs. To achieve this, I took on the role of art director during the photoshoot. This allowed me to oversee the compositions and ensure close alignment between the products and their respective images. Illustration was produced using Adobe Photoshop.


Collaborating closely with the photographer, we selected the most suitable lenses and established a system to maintain consistent angles, distances, and lighting throughout the photoshoot. This attention to detail proved invaluable when a replacement item required us to revisit the studio.

The client and photographer were impressed with the meticulous approach and professionalism displayed throughout the project, resulting in with a very happy customer and some impressive realistic technical illustrations. 

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