Medical mattress manual illustration of instruction drawings. illustration of a medical mattress control unit.


This illustration of a medical mattress control unit represents the model for its operators manual. The vector graphic illustration was commissioned for the cover of an operator and user manual. It adheres to the style of similar technical illustrations featured within the manual.


The primary purpose of the illustration is visually represent the medical mattress inflator, providing a clear and informative depiction for users and operators. It is specifically designed to be included in the operator and user manual, ensuring clarity and ease of understanding.


The illustration style was developed in collaboration with the production manager and company owner. The objective was to create a clean and professional look that aligns with the medical device industry. The chosen style features clean lines, muted colours, and a toned-down colour palette, emphasising a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. The illustrations were drawn using cad files from the client and that reference was used to draw illustrations using Adobe illustrator.


The illustration adheres to a stylish and clean look, aligning with the visual presentation of modern technology and medical devices. The chosen style not only enhances the clarity of the user manual but also maintains a professional and visually appealing aesthetic throughout.

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