illustration of a mobile elevated platform, artist impression of a Crane.


This detailed illustration showcases a mobile elevated platform, emphasising its key features and functionality. 
A dramatic composition helps to create interest, creative curiosity and ultimately attract interest in a graphic illustration.


The aim of this illustration is to create a visually captivating composition of the mobile elevated platform for use in a technical illustration manual. By presenting a dramatic and dynamic representation, the illustration effectively conveys the purpose and capabilities of the platform.


The illustration was created using SketchUp, a 3D modeling software, to develop an accurate and detailed model of the mobile elevated platform. Subtle shades and highlights were then added using Podium render software to enhance the realism and depth of the illustration. Finally, the image was refined and polished in Adobe Photoshop, ensuring a clean and professional appearance.


This illustration was generated from a 3D model, offering several advantages, particularly when alternative prospective views are required. The portfolio contains additional examples showcasing various styles and subjects. For more examples, click here, or to view the complete portfolio, click here.
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