Engineering Geotextile cutaway illustration, technical graphics.


Illustration of a product cutaway for Geotextiles was produced for a Geotextile design and manufacturer in the UK. This illustration was part of a set of technical graphics for their company sales and marketing literature.


The customer wanted to promote their newly deisgned textile with some engaging images. Because this product goes underground, it’s difficult to show it in situation. Illustrating their product is more suitable, and very effective method to exaggerate features to help show function and effect.


The style was realistic in nature, but clean and presentable for sales and marketing. The cutaway method of illustration is often used to good effect when showing things in situation. And in this particular example of graphic illustration, the two alternatives makes a great comparison.

Perspective was also an important element to consider with this particular commission. But I’ll come to that in a future blog.


Perspective was an important consideration with this commission, and you can read more about that in a blog here.

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