Tyre cutaway Technical illustration by freelance illustration Adrian Cartwright


This is an illustration of a Tyre Cutaway Technical illustration Dunlop SP 9000 tyre.
And was commissioned via a graphic design company called Jubb Kerswell Associates for Dunlop UK.


The client (Dunlop) wanted to promote their new tyre and showcase its new construction. So following meetings with the agency and Dunlop, it was decided to produce a graphical illustration with a focus on highlighting internal features. That’s when I was introduced to the project, and I recommended to create a cutaway technical illustration with a realistic style.


The illustration is partly photography and was illustrated using Adobe Photoshop. Technical plans were supplied that required a high level of technical drawing to illustrate the construction of the tyre and show the internal features.


This Technical illustration was ultimately used internationally for Dunlop, and is often used today to promote tyre sales.

More cutaway illustrations here, and more illustrations in the folio.
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