Wireframe illustration globe KBR. Technical graphics, and technical illustration of a wireframe globe.


illustration of a wireframe Globe. The wireframe globe illustration was commissioned for promotional material by an international corporation based in the United States. Initially intended to depict various areas of construction worldwide, the illustration eventually evolved into an animation commission a few months later.


The goal was to design a graphical illustration that effectively showcased the diverse areas of construction and civil engineering in which KBR operates worldwide. The desired style was a technical illustration that was visually appealing and easily comprehensible.


After agreeing on the wireframe theme, various styles of design were explored and presented. Through several meetings and iterations, a duo-tone style was ultimately selected, utilising the company’s corporate blue. The chosen style offers a clean and visually striking aesthetic. Since the illustration was created as a 3D model, it could be easily updated in the future to reflect any changes or updates. Artwork created using SketchUp.


The wireframe globe illustration served as the foundation for an animated version that was utilised at the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) later that year, specifically in 2019. This further highlights the success and versatility of the original illustration in its evolution into an animated format for a significant corporate event.

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